Hiring a Professional Organizer to create custom systems for your needs can save you time and money. Working with friends or family members to get the job done can come along with unnecessary stress. They may unintentionally  make you feel bad about getting rid of something you don’t want any longer, or pressure you to throw out special items.

By choosing to work with a trained Professional Organizer you will receive skills, knowledge, ideas and experience in different situation.

Here are a few TIPS you can use now:

  • Keep a box ready to fill with donate items. Let everyone in your home know what it is for and where it is located. Deliver to your local charity often and be sure to replace the box.
  • Sort like with like. Ziploc bags are a wonderful tool to contain small objects.
  • Use clear bins when organizing behind closed doors. Take the extra step and label them as well. There are many beautiful textures and colorful containers for those spaces you can see.
  • Start a “Memorabilia” bin for each person in the family. Add things that you want to keep but don’t need out on display.
  • Create a 3 ring binder of all medical information for each family member. This will help keep track of time lines and medications.
  • After you read a book. Write a note on a bookmark and pass it on to a friend.
  • Keep a Sharpie in the kitchen so you can label food containers, write the “opened date” on opened jars or condiments, write names on cups etc.

Organizing is a skill that can be learned. Most of all you have to be willing to change your habits. If you get organized but don’t change how you do things then you will soon find yourself in the same place. If you have a leaky faucet you call a plumber and if you can’t find your “stuff” then you call a Professional Organizer to create systems for your needs.