What do you do with things you just don’t want any longer? If you have a plan for these items it makes it easier to let go while decluttering your home.

Many clients are ready to get rid of their unwanted stuff but they are not clear of their options. They do not want to add to the miles and miles of trash accumulated in our landfills.

Are you aware of what you add to these piles? There are a few ways we can change this for our future. If everyone does just a little something to help, the trash and waste will be less. I’ll give you some options to help save our planet and feel good about getting rid of unwanted stuff.

You can sell it, donate it, and give it away to someone you care about, OR Recycle, Repurpose, and Ruse it.

First you can make some extra money and Sell it!  Craig’s list is a great option; a garage sale on a nice day is wonderful. Invite your friends, family and neighbors to participate.

Another is to Donate it. Anything that is salvageable and that someone else can use can be donated to a homeless or battered women’s shelter or even your neighborhood second hand store. Be sure to collect your receipt for tax purposes. Here is a tip I like to share. Create a system for this process. Get a cardboard box, label it “Donate” be sure everyone in your family knows where it is and what it is for. This way when laundry is done or something is ready to move on there is a place for it. When the box is full put it in your car, even if you are not going to take it that day. When you are in the neighborhood of your favorite charity you can drop it off. Remember to get another box in its place!

Moving on to Gift it to someone you care about! If a friend or family member mentioned they admire something and you are ready for it to move on you can share it. For Example: a book you really enjoyed, clothing, décor, memorabilia.

The difference between the three R’s recycle, reuse and repurpose is:

Recycling is to break down and reuse component materials to prevent waste.

For Examples: Water bottles made into carpet and clothing fibers like athletic jerseys

To Reuse: Whatever the purpose, you basically reuse the item for the same purpose more than one time. For Example: Boxes reused for shipping or your donate box. You can reuse these boxes many times before they head for the recycling process. Party supplies like table cloth, decorations.
To Repurpose: This means you take one thing and use it for something else before it goes through the breakdown process.  For Example: fabric. Use a skirt you love or purchase one at a second hand store and make a handbag, or a decorative pillow case. Plastic containers used for organizing or a soup can for pencils, table into a desk.

These are options that help my clients feel good about releasing their unwanted stuff. When they know they are doing something good for our environment it is easier to move through the delucttering process. I believe this is one roadblock to getting your space in order.

I challenge you to use these ideas to minimize clutter!

1.      Make some extra money and sell those items that you don’t use any longer.

2.      Locate your favorite charity and find out what they accept?

3.      Give a gift to someone special with a personal little note.

4.      Reuse and repurpose things around your house, it will ultimately save you money.

I also challenge you to do a little research and change a little something to contribute to the beauty of our country and to your home.