When people hear or think about professional organizer often the picture of someone living in complete chaos or even the television show Hoarders comes to mind.  Professional Organizers can help anyone from those that are living in absolute chaos and disarray to someone that just needs some help to create an organized space.

A large portion of the population has issues with collecting stuff.  This can include clothing you no longer wear but can’t part with, pots and pans you no longer use but are holding onto for some reason.  This also includes collectibles and items we are very attached to.  A professional can help teach some organizational skills and also help you evaluate why you are holding on to what you are and help you get back on track.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Organizer?

Having a Professional Organizer come in is a way to help you create the space and the environment that you want to live in and one that works for you.  A Professional Organizer can provide you with an objective set of eyes.  Often just by listening to what bothers you about the space a professional organizer can help you organize it better and teach you the skills and systems to help this space be what you want it to be.

It is an investment and not free to use a professional organizer, however, it will help you save money in the end. If you’re disorganized you may have issues paying bills, which can result in late fees – getting this under control will be a money saver there.  Often when we are unorganized, we end up buying more stuff because we are either overwhelmed or can’t find the stuff we already have. We have seen clients that absolutely HATE their home and their space and want to move in the worst way, however after addressing the area they love their home and environment and do not wish to move.

When is the Time to Hire a Professional Organizer?

The point where you may need help is different for everyone.  In some extreme cases, your space may be making you physically ill and draining your energy.  In other cases you could be too stressed or embarrassed to have people over and help to take care of the chaos and get organized.  Often we see people encounter an event or a life change and this pushes them to reach out for help.  Some big life events we see that often encourage people to take action are: a birth, a move, a divorce, a big event such as graduation or a wedding.  Sometime it is just admitting that you need some help and want to live a bit more organized life.

Though there are so many scenarios in which hiring a professional to get you organized would be helpful, a couple telltale signs are: 1) you do not feel comfortable in your space and 2) it takes you longer than ten minutes to find something.  These signs indicate you probably have an issue and need to hire someone for help.

How do I Pick Who to Hire?

Getting organized can be a very emotional event and a lot of emotions are tied to the process.  Unfortunately, some people really struggle with organization and often it is just a case of their brain just works differently.  This is something especially with people that may have ADD.

It is critical that you hire someone that you really trust and get along with.  You will be having them into your space and having them go through your things with you, so you must trust and like them.  Ideally you want someone that will do an assessment first so that they understand the scope and also what your goal is for the area you are attempting to tackle.

Working with someone that has professional credentials is very important.  There are a lot of organized people out there, but you want to work with someone that has taken the time to learn their craft fully and the skills to help someone through this.  Working with someone with a professional membership and also a professional education is important.  The Professional Organizer you work with should be a member of The National Organization of Professional Organizers (NAPO).  It is important as well to ensure that they are bonded and insured.

How Does It Work?

This varies from person to person as it’s really all about what and how much you feel comfortable tackling, but ultimately a professional organizer will listen to what your goals are and what you want the finished space to be and then come up with a plan to get you on track. An important piece as well will be helping you with a strategy to teach you the tools you need to maintain everything since organization is really a continuous process.  When you are interviewing a good fit for you, be sure to ask them if they will help you locate and find organizational products if they are needed and if they will take things to Goodwill or other donation stations for you.

Will They Make Me Get Rid Of Things?

In a lot of cases you will have to throw things away.  It is important to understand though that the professional organizer you work with should work with you in evaluating this and helping you make those decisions.  It is OK to specify that some items are off limits and you just can’t part with them.  Often you will find you and re-evaluate later and get rid of more at a later time.

Most Professional Organizers can help you let go of things carefully and in a manner that makes you feel good and at peace with doing so.

If you are ready to jump in and get started and have decided that now is the time to hire a professional organizer I would love to help you out!  We will do an assessment of your space and I will let you know how much time it will take to tackle it and make it into that space you are looking for.

To get started you can either call today – 720-937-8300 or complete the contact form today and I will contact you.