How many times have you said, “I really need to get my home organized,” and then made no progress?  You are not alone in this.  Getting organized can be a harder task than you realize.  Often there are many reasons you are unable to take the next step and actually get organized.  Here are some common barriers that a lot of people encounter when you embark on “getting organized”.


Lack of Time

Everyone is busy with work, families, friends and other activities so time can be a limited resource.

The task of getting organized does take time and sometimes not finding the time to do this can cause you to waste more time and money than what getting organized will.  If you are buying things you know you have but can’t find or eating out because you feel out of control and unorganized then not being organized is costing you both time and money.

The only real solution to the lack of time barrier is to set time aside to get organized.  Typically what works best is to dedicate a day, ½ day or if possible a week-end devoted just to cleaning and getting organized.  Pick a room or area and focus only on that until it is done.

Lack of Skill

Not everyone is born with knowing how to get organized.  It can be tough and if you don’t know where to start or feel you can’t do it you are not alone.  Often as kids our parents just do it for us and never teach us to be organized.

If you feel you don’t know how to get organized, don’t beat yourself up.  Organization is truly a skill and over time you can add this skill to your list.  Often a little practice and education can help you.

A great way to get over this is to hire a professional organizer who can guide you and teach you a process you can follow.  If you aren’t ready to do that, maybe enlist a friend or family member that can help you.

Take the time to learn and practice your new skill or organizing.

Lack of Space

Sometimes we hear that people don’t have enough space to be organized.  This often though really is a case of having too much stuff.  The best way to work on this is to really look at the items around you and determine what you LOVE.  Life is truly to short to have stuff that you do not love around you.

To address this issue spend time removing the items that you no longer love, use a storage bin for those that you don’t love but aren’t ready to part with yet and then revisit in 90 days.

If you find you are having trouble getting past these barriers Time For You ORGANIZING is here and we can help you tackle your home organization.