It is that time of year that we start thinking about holiday decorating.

As each holiday, Halloween, Fall, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah or Christmas arrives it’s a great time to review and get rid of unwanted items. Throughout our lives, our decorating styles evolve as we do.  Perhaps your adult children have moved out, you have relocated, or you are working towards a minimalist household. Whatever the reason, we should always think about rotating items in our home. One of my mentors told me, “Don’t organize your stuff, organize for the space you have.” That really is how we should think about our stuff and storage space.

Here are a few things to consider when decorating for any holiday:

  • If you decide not to use a decoration this year, should it be kept or discarded?
  • Should you donate or sell unwanted items?
    • Donating is quick and easy. Load it in your car and drop it off as soon as possible.
    • If selling, how much will you make and is it worth your time?
  • If you make annual notes, like I do, file menus, guest lists, and dos and don’ts with the appropriate holiday bin. I always get a little laugh each year when I read my notes.
  • Evaluate the condition of your storage containers
    • Is it time to get smaller or additional containers?
    • I recommend using a storage container that has a tight lid. This will protect your treasures from critters, dust, and potential water damage. Cardboard boxes are not a good option.
  • Storing your decorations after the season.
    • Sort like with like. For example, costumes with costumes, outdoor decorations, items that go on the mantel, etc.
    • Try your best to put all of the same types of items in one bin.
    • Label your bins. Do not use a permanent solution. Be prepared to relabel the bins each year. It is easier to do this than trying to find the correct bin that no longer fits your categories. Even if it is a clear bin, you should label it. You will appreciate it next year.
    • If you have glass, like a water-filled globe, put it in a zip-top baggy. Use kitchen plastic wrap to secure moving parts. Use the nesting technique for hollow items, like filling pumpkins with other décor. If you have large items you can use garbage bins or tree storage bags so the items don’t get damaged.

Put some music on, enjoy a cup of coffee, and make this a fun activity.

Happy Holiday!!!