Learn to Love your Timer

One of my favorite products is a timer. I challenge you to use this tool for a few days to get real about how long a tasks really takes. You may just surprise yourself. Once you get an idea of where your time is going it is much easier to determine what is priority on your list. A timer is a great tool to keep track of those things that you get lost in. For example social media, checking emails, or browsing the internet.

Using a timer for “cleanup time” is also great. Put some music on and get moving. This isn’t only for children. As adults if we set a timer and focus on a task like straightening up your bedroom for 10 minutes we are more likely to move quickly and get it done. Make a game out of it, reward yourself when you beat the clock.

Another way I like to use the timer is when I’m faced with a very large project. Instead of thinking of it as all or nothing, break up the time. For example if your “to be filed” pile is tipping over then set the timer for 20 minutes. Once you hear the ding stop and cross if off your list. Do this every day or when you can and eventually you will see the bottom of the basket.