Thanksgiving Dinner Party Planning

It is amazing how fast time passes. We have two weeks before Thanksgiving. Do you know where you will be enjoying that traditional meal? Are you the host this year? If this holiday snuck up on you as it did me then it’s time to start planning.

  1. Who is invited? Create the guest list. Be sure you have enough space for everyone to enjoy their meal and mingling.
  2. Send out invitations either it be a phone call, by using Evite or mail everyone a nice card.
  3. Create a timeline for your  to do list. Invitations, shopping, cleaning, décor ect… What is on the menu? Start the grocery list. Purchase and order what you need before the crowds.
  4. What do you envision your party to be like? The décor, the vibe? Begin to gather your props in every aspect and put them in one place.
  5. Be sure to enjoy your day. ASK FOR HELP. Delegate what you can. Recruit committees: décor, music, beverage, coat, dessert and cleanup.
  6. Be sure to take a lot of pictures and continue or create your family and friends traditions.
  7. If you will be entertaining children, be sure to have an activity for them.
  8. Have a Spot Shot or a carpet cleaner with white towels handy. There’s always an accident.
  9. Create memories with those you care for!

Have fun, Cheers!