Over the years as a Professional Organizer one thing I have found is that it is critical that routines are put in place to help you stay organized.  Sometimes routines can be tough to establish, but once you have a nice clean area and everything is in its place you MUST establish routines to help you keep it that way.

Here are some ideas for routines that can help you stay organized and also help get you organized.

Before Bed Routine:

It is a great idea to end the day with a before bed routine.  A before bed routine for your home may look something like this:

  • Walk through each room and tidy up
  • Gather all items up that are not in the right place and return them to where they belong
  • If you find something that no longer brings you joy place it in your donation box
  • Prepare for the next morning; lay out your clothes, prepare the coffee pot, plan breakfast, gather your items you need for the next day, check your schedule

 Mail Handling Routine:

  • Sort your mail near the trash to purge anything not needed
  • Sort your mail that needs to be followed up on
  • Set 1 or 2 times a week up to handle all of your follow up mail



Establishing a regular routine is something that we discuss when we work together.  It is important that once we organize an area in your home or office you have the ability to keep it that way.


Take some time today and see what small routines you can put in place to help you stay organized and not let things get out of control.