Dayna-Rae respects others view points regarding Feng Shui and understands that not everyone is interested in learning about Chi. She does not push her interests on to her clients or friends.


Dayna-Rae was first introduced to Feng Shui many years ago. She’s read many books, studied with Kathie Seedroff, a local practitioner, and is very interested in pursuing her knowledge on the art of Feng Shui.

What is Feng Shui? This actually translate into “Wind and Water”.

It is based on an ancient Chinese system that recognizes that everything in our environment is alive. This affects everything we experience. Intentional placement of objects can change your life.

There are two key principals, intention and Chi. Chi is energy and is attracted to sound, movement and color. There are essential tools for working with Feng Shui. The Bagua, the five elements and cures and enhancements.

Feng Shui is very complex and has been defined in many different ways. I am going to focus on the organizing aspect.

Picture your: office, kitchen or even your car. Is it as organized as you would like it to be? Often disorganized areas can block the flow of healthy, balanced Chi. If you live or work in this chaotic space you may notice a lower physical energy level, limited creativity, lack of clarity and focus in anything you try and accomplish. It is difficult to cook in a disorganized kitchen, work in a cluttered office or even sleep with things around you in the bedroom.

It can actually be a very exciting process once you understand what clutter does to your life.

Author Gunilla Norris says, “it’s better to have less than to have a lot because clutter in our homes makes clutter in our head”.”

Clutter is low, stagnant, and confusing energy that is draining. Depending on the Feng Shui area of your home where your clutter is located, it can also negatively influence, or even completely block, the flow of events in specific areas of your life.

Sometimes organizing can be an emotional process. This is why some people procrastinate.

The good news, is that once you clear most of your clutter and have a clear system to avoid its accumulation in the future, you will start experiencing high energy levels, more clarity, and a heightened sense of well-being.

The main area I recommend you start in is…. You guessed it:

The bedroom. We are most influenced by things, events, and people that are closest to us, so it is wonderful place to start. Begin with:

  • Removing all the items that create visual and energetic clutter and do not really belong in the bedroom. This includes any exercise equipment, computer, office/work related items, and the TV, (if possible).
  • Clear the stuff or storage under the bed to create a calm flowing energy.

Some Cures and Enhancements:

  • Think about things in pairs in the bedroom – pictures with 2 objects, 2 night stands and lamps (they don’t have to match)
  • Use lamps, dimmer switch or candle light
  • The colors should be soothing earth tones
  • The bed needs to be comfortable; you should have a headboard for grounding

I’ll share a story. A very good friend of mine wanted to focus on her love life. Although she had a clean and well put together bedroom it was FULL of stuff. She emptied a few drawers and made room for a potential partner. After doing more cures and enhancements she has been dating and is very busy. She set her intention and is living in a space that supports it.

Another area that is helpful, from a business man to a stay at home mom is the Office.

1.      Is your office welcoming? From the building to the front doors? Add plants and calming colors to your space.

2.      By using the Bagua, place items in your office and on your desk with the intentions that support your goals.

3.      Nothing should be on the floor. Your business is important so treat it that way.

4.      Is there room for new clients in your system? Set the intention and create the space for them. You may want to even label a file for “Future Clients.”

5.      Have you surrounded yourself around things you enjoy and that make you happy? Sports collection, memorabilia, photos, books.

To get started Organizing with Intention begin with these few simple techniques:

1. Open the window for fresh air and movement

2. Wear comfortable clothes, but still look cute J

3. Turn on music you love

4. Start small

5. Stop working before you are too tired and treat yourself. Celebrate with something that feels good. Like a cup of coffee with a friend or a long hot bath.

We’ve talked about the Feng Shui basics and how, clearing the clutter can clear negative energy. Intentional thinking and placement of objects can be very powerful. Have fun, contact me for questions or a referral for an outstanding Feng Shui practitioner.