You know what color you feel like wearing today and now you can find that shirt quickly and easily by keeping your closet organized by color.  It’s easy!

Start by going through your closet and purging what you don’t wear anymore.  Sort what you are keeping by like items and colors.

Then start hanging your clothes with similar colors together.  You can use any order.  
Some people go so far as to use the order of a Rainbow ……  you know, ROYGBIV or ROY G. BIV (the Acronyms that we learned in art class):  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo (Purple), Violet (Pink).  Well, the rainbow doesn’t include some of the other colors we all have in our closets like Cream, Brown, Black, Grey, and White, so I’ve added them.  ROYGBIV-CBBGW.

See, it’s easy and pretty.