While organizing your home, office, closets, garage, and personal spaces it is very important to label your boxes and containers.  Even if you use clear containers, you want to label them so it is easy for you and everyone in your household to see what category of items are in that container.

You can use pictures of items along with the words to help teach children to read or make it fun for them by letting them make labels for their containers.

Various types of labels can be found at your local retail stores and/or the fabulous Container Store.

  • Adhesive labels you can write on
  • Adhesive pouches allow you to change the paper you tuck inside to easily change the labeling
  • Adhesive Metal label holder give a nice clean look
  • Reusable Dry Erase Silicone Labels allow you to make changes
  • Chalkboard Labels…… some removable and some not so much. It even comes in tape form, by 3M
  • Type it out using label makers
  • Spell it out with alphabet stickers
  • Use tags you can tie on baskets

There are so many choices….  Just label!