If you are like most, Getting Organized is probably on your list of New Year’s Resolutions.  This is one resolution that you can achieve with the right mind set and some time and focus.  We often hear people say they struggle with getting and staying organized but it truly is something you can achieve.  Here are some tips to help you move towards this resolution this year.

Getting Organized

Daily Steps

Typically a good starting point to getting organized is to take inventory of your home and identify which items no longer serve a purpose or make you happy.  There truly is no reason to hold onto items that you no longer use or that make you happy.  Start spending 15-20 minutes each day removing things from your home that no longer serve a purpose or make you smile.  As you identify these items either gather them for a donation drop off later in the week or throw them out.

An Organizing Session

If you have chunks of time that you can dedicate to getting organized we suggest that you tackle a room or an area in a room and as you go through items create 4 piles:

  • Keep
  • Relocate to Another Room
  • Trash
  • Donate

It is best to take all the items you can and begin to sort through them and put them in one of the 4 piles.  Once you have done this it is time to take the trash out, load your car with the donations and then take the items you wish to keep and neatly put them back where you want them.  Keep in mind that everything has a place and a purpose.  The items that have been marked as relocate to another room should now be placed in the room(s) they belong in.


Here are some before and after photos of spaces after going through this process.




We know that this process can be difficult and overwhelming.  We are here to help and would be happy to assist you in tackling the areas in your home that have you feeling overwhelmed.