Although the publicity for Professional Organizers on television like, “Enough already” with Peter Walsh or “Hoarders”, is a great thing for my industry. It is also a facade. It takes time to get through the accumulated “stuff” that builds in our homes.

On these shows you don’t see the team it takes to get the job done so quickly and painlessly. Or the tears that are sometimes shed and the many decisions that have to be made.

There are specific steps I guide my clients through. It is important to take the appropriate amount of time to do this so there is a lesson with the adventure. Some people are born with what I call the “organizing gene”. Although being organized is a learned skill. My goal is to help my clients GET organized but also to STAY organized.

Every situation is different as everybody is different. We all make decisions at a different pace and some clients are more mentally prepared than others to REALLY look at what is going on underneath the stuff.

On television you see a few scenes with a professional organizer asking a few questions but it is very important to me to understand my clients inside and out. I want to create a custom system that will meet their needs not mine or anyone else’s. This is why I have an Assessment with helps me to understand what my clients want even when they don’t think they know at the time.

We tackle the project together, it is always amazing when my client has the “ah ha” moment and things just click. That is why I love what I do and know that this is what I was meant to do.