Do you ever wonder how people in your office or home can function in their space? We all think in different ways, which means we all organize differently as well. There are many factors to consider.

Do you prefer?

  • Micro vs Macro organizing (detailed categories vs broader categories)
  • Function or visually pleasing
  • Clear, solid, or decorative containers/bins
  • Open containers or containers with lids
  • Stackable or nesting containers

It is important to know how you prefer to organize.  In addition, how others that will use the space also function.  This entire thought process can change your home or workspace for the better. You will be more forgiving and push yourself to combine different styles to work within your space or a shared space.

We have found that no matter how an individual prefers their organizing systems to be, there are some things that EVERYONE has in common.


Organizing styles that we all have in common and how to fix them.

  • Clutter stresses us out.

Yes, yes it does…. all of us.

  • Sort and store items “like with like”, whether you use detailed or broader categories.

For example, if you are organizing office supplies. A detailed person may separate pens from pencils.  If you like a broader category, they can be together and labeled, “Writing Utensils”. Either one works great. You will be able to find what you need when you need it, and that is the goal.

  • Location is important, put things where you use them.

It is more likely you will easily find something and put it away if it is stored where you use it. You may own 5 pairs of scissors, which is fine as long as they are stored where you will use them; i.e., kitchen, mail center, sewing box, office supplies, etc.

  • Label, Label, Label!!!

Whether you live alone or with other people, simply using labels can solve frustration. Label your bins, containers, drawers, and shelves. Statistically, you are more likely to return an item to where it belongs when there is a label and easily identified home. You can use a Post-it, sticker, or a label maker. It doesn’t matter what you use… just label it.

  • To keep up with your systems, you have to make/schedule time to tidy and organize.

Until you’re in the habit of immediately putting things away, you have to set time aside to get back on track. Once you get organized, you have to work on staying organized.

Think about how you can implement systems in your home.

Happy Organizing!