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10 Signs You Should Invest In Office Organizing and a Filing System

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Does your stomach sink when you walk into your office as you stare at the unorganized mess? There are probably many reasons for the disorganization that has grown over time. Below are common indicators that you may need professional assistance with office organizing strategies.


  • Your mail is overflowing

Both postal mail and email are neglected due to your chaotic workspace. You can’t find bills or other important correspondence until they’re overdue.


  • Clutter rules

Everywhere you look there are stacks of folders and documents. Notes and notepads cover the desk, and documents sit on the floor waiting to be filed.


  • Stored documents are unorganized

When the IRS contacts you for an audit, you panic when you can’t find prior tax returns. The children’s vaccination records and the dog’s license tag are hidden somewhere in a drawer or cabinet.


  • Nothing is organized

All materials, mail, and folders in your office are randomly stacked and lack any kind of order. You don’t know where to begin to find something when needed.


  • A filing system is needed

You know efficient filing systems exist, but you don’t know which type is best for your office or how to set it up.


  • People are waiting for your response


Business letters and teacher notes about the kids are buried in the clutter, but you cannot find things when needed.


  • You need a prioritized task list


With work overload in your office, you don’t know where to start, nor do you know where needed files and information are located, lacking filing systems.


  • Equipment manuals and warranties cannot be located

Lacking an organized office, you are unable to locate the printer’s troubleshooting guide when it stops working. You spend hours on the phone calling customer service.


  • The office needs serious cleaning

What can be seen of the desk beneath stacks of mail and files is dusty, but you’re hesitant to move anything to avoid even more chaos. The carpet needs vacuuming, except you lack an office organizing system and have nowhere to store stacked documents sitting on it.


  • Your workspace disrupts productivity

At your messy desk, you can’t find needed supplies, like paper clips or a pen. Without an organized filing system, you spend valuable time searching for things you need.


As you begin to understand the importance of an organized office system, you realize that this is a good time to get professional help for revitalizing your workspace. Getting your office in good shape will help you to be more productive and save time.


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While organizing your home, office, closets, garage, and personal spaces it is very important to label your boxes and containers.  Even if you use clear containers, you want to label them so it is easy for you and everyone in your household to see what category of items are in that container.

You can use pictures of items along with the words to help teach children to read or make it fun for them by letting them make labels for their containers.

Various types of labels can be found at your local retail stores and/or the fabulous Container Store.


  • Adhesive labels you can write on
  • Adhesive pouches allow you to change the paper you tuck inside to easily change the labeling
  • Adhesive Metal label holder give a nice clean look
  • Reusable Dry Erase Silicone Labels allow you to make changes
  • Chalkboard Labels…… some removable and some not so much. It even comes in tape form, by 3M
  • Type it out using label makers
  • Spell it out with alphabet stickers
  • Use tags you can tie on baskets

There are so many choices….  Just label!

Haul away your unwanted items….

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gone for good store

Need help getting rid of the items you don’t want?  GONE FOR GOOD can help you with that by picking up your donations, trash, or recycling.

“We haul off everything you’re ready to get rid of, resell items, give them to charity, or recycle them. The result? As little of your junk as possible goes into a landfill. You can get it gone, get a good feeling, and get on with your life.”

See their website for more details.

Organize Your Cards & Stationary

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If you have a collection of cards and stationary it’s time to tackle this project.

Receiving a hand written note is very special. Set yourself up to grab a card, your favorite pen and make someone’s day.

1. Sort your cards by occasion, theme or holiday.

2. Recycle or gift the items that are not your style any longer.

3. Depending on the amount remaining, find a container. You can repurpose a shoe box and wrap it with nice paper or fabric, purchase a decorative bin or use hanging file folders.

4. Label each tab with card stock.

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