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Tips to Organize Your Refrigerator

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Easy Tips to Organize Your Refrigerator

With the busy holidays coming up, organization is vital to keeping sane as we finish out the year.  Did you know that November 15th is “National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day”?  If you missed it you can always schedule the time to catch up. Nobody likes to clean out and organize the refrigerator. It’s necessary on a regular basis to avoid sanitation and playing the “find that smell” game. 

Organize your refrigerator

Organize your refrigerator

Here are some tips as you tackle your refrigerator organization project.

  1. Purchase bins to divide your refrigerator into more usable space. For example, a bin for yogurt containers, they can be stacked and will save space. String cheese, snacks, jam, salsa and condiments.
  2. Label, label, label!! If you take the time to label the shelves, bins and drawers you and your family will be able to find what you are looking for much easier. (Not necessary every section, only the ones that make you crazy.)
  3. Sort items “like with like”. – IE. all cheeses together, snacks in one area and beverages on one shelf.
  4. Keep a sharpie in your kitchen to write the date and contents on your frozen bagged items and when you open jars and condiments. This will make it much easier to determine how long something has been open.
  5. Add easy to clean mats on the shelves. Go the extra step and keep your meat in a bowl or tray. If it drips it will be much easier to clean.
  6. If possible don’t store your milk and dairy on the door. Opening and closing the doors will change the temperature.
  7. A good time to empty your refrigerator is right before you go grocery shopping. It will help you meal plan as well. Use what you have to create your menu.

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Declutter to Prepare for Spring Cleaning

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Clutter makes it very difficult for us to stay on top of our cleaning and to keep our homes clean and tidy. If you have a lot of knick knacks or collectables on your surfaces, then you can’t just wipe around with a duster and will instead need to remove each item individually.

Here is a challenge for you:

Reduce the numb3er of knick knacks and collectables that you have out on display by 50%.  This will make it easier to keep up on your regular cleaning and also prepare you for any upcoming Spring Cleaning.  This challenge will also help you ensure that the items left are the ones you truly love and bring you joy.



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