I have been working in Littleton, Colorado with a family that is adopting a little girl and has been waiting a long time. We have been working on preparing the home for her arrival for months. I am going to finish up our plans of getting ready for the little on Thursday. She called me with excitement in her voice accompanied with nerves. Crunch time is here, we had a plan but now that they have received the call we have an emergency organizing situation on our hands. Some people have said I should wear a cape. “Super Organizer”, I can arrive to your home and transform it in a short time. Maybe I’ll just do that, anyone now a seamstress? 🙂

This family is the reason I’ve decided to work with Adoptive Families. I am so excited for them to finally have their child home. I know I have only been in their lives for a short time but I feel connected to them through the small portion I play.

Thank you so much for opening your home and experience with me.