Summer vacation is drawing to a close, and you are wondering how to get organized for the upcoming school year. This can be a stressful time for you and your children, considering school entails getting down to business and focusing on back to school organization. This would comprise of needed school supplies, back to school clothes, a viable morning routine, and a feasible after school schedule.

There are many organizing tips that can be utilized to guarantee your children are confident and ready to have a successful school year.

School supplies and back to school shopping should be completed about  two to three weeks before school starts. Notebook paper, pencils, pens, crayons, a calculator, spiral notebooks, 3 ring binders, pocket folders, a ruler, an agenda, and book bag are the essentials all children will need. Depending on your child’s grade in school, these essentials will vary; however, provide them with the basics if nothing else.

On the day before school starts, make certain their book bag is packed with all necessary supplies.

Arrange each binder with dividers and notebook paper, then label them.

Get organized by typing the class subject and the teacher’s name if you so choose on the cover of each binder. Encourage your child to show creativity by drawing or creating a fun illustration on the cover to enhance the binder’s appearance. These tips will make back to school organization manageable, and all assignments and classwork for each subject will be accounted for.

Establishing a morning routine plays a huge role in back to school organization. In order to make this go smoothly,  encourage and work with your child in cleaning and clearing all  from their room by the weekend before school begins.  If you are able to do this sooner that would be wonderful so that they can get used to keeping their room clean and free of clutter.

Your child’s study area should be supplied and organized with extra school supplies for homework purposes.

Inspect all closets, dressers and chests and sort school clothes, summer outfits, weekend wear and winter apparel.

Assemble all school clothes to the front of the closet, so that the morning will go steady, and there will not be any disarray.

Arrange week-end wear and other non-school appropriate clothing together for access on non-school days.

Winter apparel should be placed in the very back of the closet, as your child will most likely not need these until later in the year.

It is always wise to have your child select their outfit the night before.

Check and replace the batteries in all alarm clocks the night before, so tardiness will not be an issue.

One important aspect of a good morning is having a good breakfast.  Plan ahead and have some great breakfast options that are quick and easy to prepare.  These options can include prepackaged items you have picked up as well as breakfast sandwiches you have made ahead and other quick items such as oatmeal, fruit, boiled eggs, etc.

Boxed lunches can be prepared the night before, and stored in the fridge to ensure the morning routine goes efficiently. Cold sandwiches, fruit, individually packed cookies, crackers, chips, and juice boxes are all beneficial options for a quick and nutritious lunch.

Once you have made your morning routine a success, see to it that there is a schedule in place for the afternoon activities. Once your child arrives home utilize the organizing tips below to complete homework assignments in a reasonable amount of time.

Plan and prepare a healthy snack option for your children when they return home.  Fresh fruit, cheese crackers, and nuts are all healthy choices.

Always have your child complete their homework at the same time each afternoon or evening if possible.

Schedule after school activities and events accordingly.

Take advantage of these tips to brace your children for a great organized school year.