Five Home Organization Tips for a Bright and Breezy Summer

Summer means long, lazy days and a three-month reprieve from the hectic schedules that often accompany the school year. However, summer can come with its own brand of chaos if you don’t keep a handle on home organization. A house full of kids, barbecue guests, wet swimsuits and pool toys can easily become overwhelming. Learn how to keep your home running smoothly all summer long with these five simple organization tips.

Organize the Outdoors

Everyone spends a lot more time outside in the summer, which makes taming outdoor supplies a key aspect of summer organization. Organize items like pool toys, flip flops and grill accessories with laundry baskets. Most people have old laundry baskets lying around, and if you have kids home from college, you are likely to have a large supply. Give the baskets new life with a coat of brightly colored paint and label them with a paint pen. Stack or line them up on the porch, patio or around the pool for a fun storage solution.

Create Craft Space

As much as you might want them to, kids can’t spend all their time outside during the summer. There will be days when storms or excessive heat keep everyone indoors. Fight cabin fever and discourage excessive screen time with an organized and inviting craft area. Old folding tables make great craft tables. Use plastic bins to keep art and craft supplies organized. Decorate the space with select pieces of your kids’ artwork. This is a summer organization project that gives your kids the opportunity to pitch in and help.

Clever Up the Kitchen

A hot kitchen may be the last place you want to be during the summer, but without school meals and snacks your kids will certainly be visiting the kitchen quite a bit. Use small decorative baskets to store healthy snacks, such as fruit, raisins and granola bars, at hand. Devote a lower drawer of the refrigerator to snacks like carrot sticks, string cheese and yogurt that your kids can grab anytime. Keep treats like ice cream and chips out of sight and out of reach.

Clean Out Closets

Clean closets are the cornerstone of home organization. Slow summer days present the perfect opportunity to finally comb through your closets and weed out clutter. Sort through clothing and discard or donate any items you do not plan to wear again. Maximize space by using vacuum suction bags to store rarely used items like guest bedding. Consider installing shelves, drawers or a closet organization system to make sure your closets stay tidy.

Consult a Professional

If you feel that organizing your home is too big of a task to take on by yourself, summer is a great time to call a professional organizer. The additional spare time that comes with summer will give you the opportunity to work closely with the organizer, so she can not only organize your home, but also give you organization tips to help you stay organized.