Spring is here, it’s time to get your garage in order. Trade your ski’s in for those bikes and warm weather toys and gear.

Have the kids grown out of last year’s toys? Gather those items you know they are not going to use and have a garage sale. Children’s clothes and toys are a great seller for the weekend money maker. Reinvest and get them things they can use now. Or you can give them to your favorite charity, neighbors, friends, or family. Give them the gift of new memories.

Sporting equipment can multiply if you aren’t careful. Pull out the Frisbee and camping equipment and store the skies and winter gear. This will make a trip to mountains or a stroll to the park quick and painless.

If you have no desire to park your automobile in the garage create a man/woman cave. This space can be a great escape for art projects, watching television, reading, working on household repairs.  Try and keep storage off the floor it helps for clean up and if there is a spill you won’t have damaged items. Paint, add furniture, a rug and pictures make it your own. You can even paint the floor, this will “finish” the look and makes cleaning so easy.

You’re paying a mortgage or rent on your space, use it for more than storage.