We understand that getting organized can be an overwhelming task.   Typically you didn’t get in the state you are currently in overnight so when you look at what you need to do it is often easier to just close that cupboard, closet or room – we understand.  Our organizational packages are great for dealing with those areas since we can work side by side with you and help you go through that overwhelming area and determine what to throw away, donate, relocate and then put back.

If you are not ready to tackle a larger area yet there are several things you can start to do to help you get organized.  In this post we want to share some items that you can do in 15 minutes or less to help you start to take back your time and your life and get a sense of feeling more in control.

  • Go through your Utensil Drawer and pull any items you no longer use and place in your car to donate
  • Clean your Junk Drawer (everyone has one)
  • Go through your magazines and recycle the old ones
  • Toss expired items in your pantry or fridge
  • Walk through your house and find 5 things to donate
  • Plan Dinner for tomorrow night and make sure you have all needed items
  • Clean your desk drawer
  • Pair any single socks you can and get rid of the rest
  • Clean and organize your purse
  • Spend 15 minutes daily making sure things are returned to where they belong
  • Go through your coat closet and remove anything you no longer wear
  • Go through your cosmetics and get rid of anything expired or no longer used
  • Scan your book shelves and pull any books you will not read again, then gift or donated them
  • Declutter your night stand
  • Remove any shoes you no longer wear and love
  • Quickly go through your closet and remove anything that doesn’t fit or you don’t love
  • Sort your email and unsubscribe from anything you no longer read regularly

Remember to always take your items to be donated and place in your trunk so that you can drop them off at a donation station when you are out running errands.

We hope you found these tasks that you can complete in 15 minutes useful.  If you have others to add that have worked for you we would love to hear them.